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About Petroleum Coke

By-product from Petroleum Refineries counting with coker units. Those units are fed with fuel oil and bitumen obtained from a refining process, for producing an additional amount of gasoline, gas-oil, jet-oil, etcetera, which have more added value, through a process by which they are submitted to high pressures and temperatures, from which it is obtained a solid black by-product, with a shape similar to coal, named petroleum coke.

proceso de obtención de coque

Aunque existen distintas calidades de coque de petróleo que tienen otras aplicaciones, CGC vende y distribuye coque de petróleo combustible, en inglés, green delayed petroleum coke, fuel grade.

Although there are different petroleum coke qualities having other uses, CGC sells and distributes green delayed petroleum coke, fuel grade.

Imported directly from the United States. Venezuela and Aruba through long-term contracts with Refineries, CGC can offer a wide range of petroleum coke qualities with sulphur contents from 4%. CGC also trades with petroleum coke coming from BP Castellón Refinery and Repsol Refineries at La Coruña and Puertollano.

Petroleum coke, as it is produced at the Refinery, could have moisture contents reaching the 8% and sizing which could be of up to 120 mm. Therefore, one of our tasks at our stockyards is to screen and stock it till obtaining a material with the optimum sizing and moisture to be delivered to our customers- Those deliveries will be made in bulk by truck, vessel or railroad.

CGC, on behalf of CAPEX, also sells steam coal for cement production and electric generation, as well as anthracite for iron and steel factories