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Compañía General de Carbones (CGC) was founded at Barcelona in 1916 by Mr. Kendall Park, as a Company dedicated to coal import, stocking and distribution, and during the first years a large stockyards network was established in the main Spanish ports.

At the beginning, activity was focussed in the import of English coal coming from South Wales mines from the ports of Swansea, Newport and Cardiff, among others, as well as to supplying steam vessels from floating and land depots.

Soon, this activity spread to the local industry and to the railroad, combining the coal imports with the supply from National mines. .

In the 70’s and 80’s CGC is the Company leader of imports and solid fuels distribution and belonged then to the Asturias industrial Group Duro-Felguera. CGC begins the introduction of the petroleum coke for use on the mills producing clinker, lime and ceramics as an alternating economic fuel with a high calorific value, coming from the United States Refineries.

In the 90’s, petroleum coke is widely used by the Cement Industry, as well as by numerous Brick and Lime Factories, Ferroalloys and those dedicated to the transformation of different raw materials. Spain became one of World main users of petroleum coke. They began also the petroleum coke manufacturing at Repsol Refineries located at La Coruña and Puertollano.

CGC spread their selling and distributing activity to Portugal, Morocco and Southern France.

Presently, Capex Europe owns 100% of our Company, and is responsible of the management, basing CGC activity in the petroleum coke distribution in Spain, Portugal and Morocco.