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Capex CGC
Compañía General de Carbones

Our Company faces the challenge of a new period based on very firm principles and values which will enable us to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Our Mission:

Based on our technical and commercial knowledge, to supply petroleum coke a responsible way, providing to our customers, shareholders and staff an always increasing value.

Our Vision:

Capex CGC is a Company leading the petroleum coke trading and distribution. We supply our materials with guarantee, quality and effectiveness .The optimization and quality of those materials benefit our customers and generate for them a value through which Capex CGC is acknowledged as a guaranteed and reliable Company.

Our Values:

Attention given to the client

Business ethical behaviour

Respect to people and environment

Responsible delegation

Working as a team.

Our guarantee is more than 90 years in the business and the support of Capex Industries.